A mile in my shoes,.

I could have sworn by now this part of me would have faded away; But it has not. I find myself longing for more of what I felt when I walked a path that was once clear. In time what I felt was gone. It's no longer in me. The fight in me is no longer loud beneath my skin. As though the will of being free is not in touch with myself.

Walk a mile in my shoes, take a look through my eyes and you will see. I approach my demons unwillingly,.,.

I am all who are lone inside disconnected from the answer that would set them free. I am all who are lost, looking for an answer to a problem they need to rid. I am all who behind it all just want to love there own skin. I am all who after all watch a sunrise in life waiting to breath,..

Walk a mile in my shoes, taste the chest caving in... Looking for the fight in me, to set me free.
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