Back 2 Square ONe

After a great weekend in Montecristo,. (wish I was still there,. the air up there is awesome) I've had a rough landing on the first few days of March (3rd Month of the year,. already?),. mainly due to the anxiety issues that cloud my head day in and day out,. Had a long chat with my doctor @ work and will also be having a few more chats along the way in the next few days,. Worst news I've had has been the fact that I'm pounds away from being exactly were I started dieting more than a year ago. Which basically could (and I could almost easily say is) the reason I'm so screwed up with these attacks,. But, there's no point retrospecting the same sad ol' story for the fiftieth damned time,.

So, I can only take it as it can only be seen,. A wake up call,.

And,. I would also like to comment on how much of a dumb-ass I was on not documenting the process I followed the first time dieted,. it's a bitch of a struggle having to remember what I did,. what worked and what didn't,. Regardless I gotta get back on the wagon A.S.A "fucken'" P!
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