Road ahead,. /// Random Thoughts,.

I could swear last month was January,. This year is going by so fast, and here we all are, on our own paths going forth waiting for the beginning of that next phase. I gotta say 2 days ago Aleman came by and dropped something which you could only be described as a blast to-da-muddalovin'-past! He came by with drawings I made back in 2000,. some as early as 1997,. That really took me back to a whole different era, haha. I gotta say things are no longer as they were.

Childhood is irony, you ache to grow and once you do, you ache to go back. I'm happy for Nolo and Aleman and taking that next step in their lives,. Not to each other though, haha, don't get me wrong. And Tavo, you know I didn't even want to open my mouth, but you should've at least kept the Blaze.

I myself feel happy, May not show it most of the time. But that's just me, psychologically speaking, I'm damaged goods. Can't see how my girl stands it. On the other hand, she has an unmeasurable amount of patience sometimes she will eternally deny.

It's not a moment of epiphany, just an understanding of the overview, a snapshot that we are here now, each of us living.
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