Fun Fact - 001 - My Bed History

Ok, I guess I picked this as my first fun act as it is something i would like to eventually be able to remember years from now,. I guess cause it brings back memories of what has been this strange life,. Well, let me tell you now, this might bore you, cause I'm gonna tell you the story about my beds....

Yes, my beds,.. as in the device you utilize to gather energies, smiles and fake ones, for the next day. In my life so far, I've had 3 beds, 2 of which have been chosen by my parents. The first one looked like a huge Lego Block. My brothers also had the same type of beds. They looked pretty darn "funktafied". There was a Red one a Green one, and a,. Blue one, I think... I do remember that the Red on was mine. And I also remember cutting my chin and getting stitches on my chin for jumping around on that thing. Which resulted on me landed chin first on the sharp corner of the bed. Again,. the beds looked damn cool. But looking back at it now,. Those bitches were hazardous as fuck. In the end we left them vandalized, being kids and all,. painting on any flat surface available to our curious hands. (This reminds me of the huge red apple I drew on the nice pristine white wall of the garage, Mother was not happy,. haha).

So,. moving forward, the second bed in my life, was found in the northern plains of Houston, Texas. MY dad apparently picked it out weeks before we moved there. Guess what,. it was a bunk bed, which at the age i had which was,. ahmm,. lets see,. I had just turned 10. That was like the most fun u could have on a bed. I had the bottom bed which rocked, cause well,. i dunno it just did :). Well that bed made it from Houston all the way to Saint Saviour. Lets see,. (calculating again),. That means I slept 15 years on that bitch? No wonder it had become so damn uncomfortable. In 2007, my single bed was no longer able to provide sleeping services, as it collapsed to the ground in its last shout, it yelled ~no more!

The next 2 months would become part of the most annoying sleeping I've ever had the chance of encountering for such a long period of time. So basically I slept with the mattress on the ground. And everything was also withing that height. My TV also was dead,. So my only way to have fun was the T41 Thinkpad I had back in the day. Sou annoying to wake up next to the floor for so long,. That's probably something that would give my issues, if I ever get the chance to go to Japan. :p

so 2 months passed, which allowed me to save enough money for the bed I wanted. Went to buy it and then had 2 wait a whole day to get it. And I suck at being patient. But once it was here, it was all i could hope for and more,.. I slept so good since, should buy some rocking bedding soon. Cause nothing fits on it,. at least nothing i have. But still. Just wanted to share my so far bed history.,...
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