Recap ::: A tale of a week that ends and the other one begins,. On the eve of this post,.

¬.¬ And then I said,.

"Doped moment,."
And even though its the weekend and after two exams which made my brain crunch so much info,. {with assistance of a very rocking tutor} .,Starting the work week tomorrow with the morning's third, but last exam @7am,. By the end of the day with so many things going on,. I was left without words,. Drove home, picked up my stuff, and came to my room,. 4pills,. lots of water,. 3 cigz {I'm really trying, but fuck they are needed},. TVs on low volume,. just some idiot on the screen, acting a fool. Stared in front of the mirror for a few minutes, counted about 42 things i would change,. meh,.

You know,. I would really love to listen to a guided meditation like the one in the cancer support group in Fight Club, Ive always felt I would have really loved experience that. I guess I would really enjoy right about now letting my mind creep out to those corners of my mind where I have not revisited for such a long time,. Mmm,. I don't know why,. but that part of my mind I always imagine it as two different settings,. I'm guessing they are obviously two different corners in my mind,. I don't think they are the only two,. But they are definitely for some reason the most visually present. One is red velvet like. And the other one is blue. Both have light and dark areas. Heavily contrasted. Haha, Ok, no one is gonna know what the fuck I'm talking about now. I digressed outta everything that's sane. That's way too personal, I looked crazy now, but delete does not exist,.. most times.

Back to normal things,.

I did something way stupid Friday afternoon. I picked up the camera and starting viewing the pictures I had taken for this week {I try doing this the most I can, sadly. Inside work there is nothing fun to shoot at} as a purged the crap pics I erased a 10 minute video I had made last Saturday night {22nd Aug, 2009}. I took it in my video casting place. Meaning the walking overpass in front the Citi building. Well,. the location is not important {since it only looks good on camera @ night}. well,. the thing was that the video had to do with a lot of likes and dislikes about life, work,. and how studying is so damn important {got to watch it only twice I was really proud of it}. But sadly this idiot deleted it. Ok pills have really taken effect now. Eyes closing bad, mmm,. loved support with the exams,. then later on the pizza & beer & company & stories told today, sadly it ended again with a twist. But again,. thanks for rocking it,. breath,. preparing to evacuate soul {for the night, tampoco mucho drama,.},.

P.S. Nunca Jamas is already taken, despite our little discussion, it was the first thing I came to check once I got to my room,.

Well looky here,. my horoscope of today meaning yesterday,.
You may be annoyed or even angry if someone says one thing yet does another today. You could be hesitant to say anything at all, for you don't know what is really going on. It's challenging, for you're unable to trust your senses if others give you mixed messages. Accept the dilemma as a temporary situation, for attempts to resolve the conflict now will only increase your current frustration.

Sleeping now,. Good Night half of planet earth which is sleeping,.

One of the pics that survived the noob's erasure "slash" massacre o' pics

I want my tattoo already,.

Why Cross? strength, peace & hope

I got a probable queue:::

Cross, Bold outline star, Cross (Simple 2 Sticks) & the Ankh

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