I remember that in school,. Life was great, eventhough sometimes as a child all u think of is groing up, then when you least expect it you've left so many years go by with that request that you kick yourself in the ass when you come to find out that you wish you could go back to those early years and enjoy the beauty of childhood,. too deep? yeah,. fuck it,. well,..

What I was going with this is that weekends were a really good part of spending time in the house, after having a great time with friends friday night, then saturday would come a long. Best day ever, you would be able to completely go wild away from school. Then Sunday would roll on by, and again the fun cycle, but this time around with going to church in the morning, what a drag., :P:( The day would pass just the same with unplanned activities to your heart's content. Then to seal the weekend. Everybody to the living room, and get ready for the HBO Sunday Movie, which would always consist of a rocking premiere of x movie. So you would enjoy that with your family. Then oof you went to your room, happily completing the cycle of yet another youth-rocking weekend.

Things do kinda change,. Well,,. Meaning,. I barely see my brothers now,. each one having their own custom-made personal issues. And honestly, I dont even know if they put a new movie on HBO on sundays. Crazy,. How things unexpectedly change,. Wish I could have that again,. but just for a little while,. no hay que abusar,. haha., then I WOULD want to go back to my normal life,. :p
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