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March has passed so fast I didn't feel it at all,. With school throwing exams and labs and homework at me. Doing overtime on the weekends,. Exercises during the week, helping my sister get the pics she needs to update her website., these hand have not been the devil's playground,. idle less,.

But it's been really good. I also went through 33 days of non smoking, which has been a mind blowing experience and a huge eye-opener. I honestly didn't know how big the difference could be, until now. So my days of acting like a chimney are over.

I just saw the PlayStation 2 is priced at 99$! That means I'll own one again,. that would be my 4th one seeing as though i keep selling them for x reasons. But this time i think ill keep it,.
for real for real,.

In other more educative and interesting news,. I actually understood a lot of the Logica Matematica stuff this semester. At last,. cause those Venn diagrams suck to the fullest extent of the definition of suckage supreme,. whatever that means,.

So all in all right now even though it feels like I have not that much free time, it has been a very fun month. And vacations are closer now so I'll be enjoying that to the fullest. So in celebration to this good feeling,. This is,. the tune of the day.,:: OceanLab::: On a Good Day,.....

I've really enjoyed these movies, for some reason exams make me watch movies,. in an attempt to not study,. but in a way its a good thing,. i guess., so this is my:::

::Good movies I've watched lately, list:::

The Wackness

Burn After Reading

Flash of Genius [Redundant, I know]

Michael Clayton

In the Land of Women

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