7 weeks till vacations,.

Moments in life I wish I could say what I want to say,. But either I do not know where to begin or in me or for somehow the fact that I have things to say keep me from actually saying them as directly as I wish I could., So for the moment taking these following days at a time. From the bag of easy items I can throw in this post is,. I now have 9 days of not smoking. Which in terms of me is very very long,. So yay for me,. step closer to being healthy productive member of society,. [monotone, yeay]. Hasn't been easy this whole week has not been easy at all. I expected something totally different. But that's,. for another day,.

There is something I was thinking today while I drove home after meeting up with my friends, There are truly no more normal families in the world today. I mean we all have some sort of dysfunction, pretty interesting when you observe the behavioral patterns of a group of individuals that live together. My family is probably at the top of the list when it comes to dysfunctional. My Mom is really not the nerves of steel kind of gal that can handle most of the troubles that come her way. But gotta be there, providing support. 3 Sons and 1 Dauther. 2 of which one in rehab the other not interested in whinding down his crazy habits. Cant understand how just me and my sister are so laid back in that sense,. Errmmm.,. well I got my own flaws sdo I should judge,. Anyways,. its cold and mosquitos are biting my legs,.

This was just to post something as I'm bored out of my mind,.
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