Viruses ::: Windows, Linux and the Myth

Windows has had a bad run when it comes to reputation as to why is so "easily" attacked by viruses. Linux and Mac fanboys tend to point it out over and over again in thousands of forums day by day. But lets take a step back and look at a few factors that should in a way make you see the picture if not differently, at least a bit clearer. First off, MacOS. MacOS is derived from Unix just like linux.

Second, linux is not immune to virus/trojan/worm attacks in the complete sense of the context at hand. You have to understand that the base linux system at the core security is very tight and this is not where the infection may take place. If infection would take place it would be in the realm of the user and the user interface at hand, be that KDE or Gnome. This is were the system may become vulnerable just as the Windows environment. And this is where the Windows environment has failed to secure itself even of its attempts. A linux user may say his system is more secure. But that not necessarily means his is better, because his works just the same. A linux user forgets to admit that he has to type the password every time you need to elevate to root. This is where Windows failed. The UAC {user account control} is meant to perform the same task. General {or more ignorant} Windows users would not understand its function. But the UAC is indeed more annoying than the Linux variety.

Windows is plagued with Viruses/Malware/Trojans, but, think about this. Netbooks are becoming more and more popular. And manufacturers are not stopping to ship them with x or y linux flavor. So we might see a change at some point in the pattern of adware targeting.

Just a thought,.
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