Puesi,,.,. I IS WHAT IT IS,,.,. AND WHAT IT IS, IT IS,.,.,.

I found an album I had lost for a long time, it's a good album, in my opinion the album has varied songs. The album is Moon Safari by Air. I had a long time of not listening this gem. There is one track I particularly love, which is nostalgic to that time of my life, back to those late 90's. Back then when late nights were a thing of everyday, errr, every night?, killing time at the Gas Station, late nights on the IRC. Cutting School, going to Metro Centro doging security with your uniform on, haha. The school parties, the outies with your friends, so PG-13 {sarcasm,. ahead,.} Oh we were so bad-asses, haha. Hmmm,. nostalgic, but at the same time not much has change. I mean, the hardware and the setting around me has changed,. Definitely new people surround me, My friends are still the same. Whoa, I better digress here, now,. the track I was talking about like a few lines up there was "All I Need" by, again,.. Air.

And for a taste of incoherence,. a quote,. from Willermo Serv-Elon,.
¬_¬ poof~! ^_^
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