Bad Shirt Day,.

Damn, I'm so tired lately this schedule change has been the worst hit on my other things to do. Everything looks sou damn exhausting to accomplish. Take for example the fact that my favorite link in IE and Firefox are next to being a complete mess. It just bugs me. But just as I get out of work, I have no plans in my agenda to fix those little dudes up. Which sucks because it becomes a never ending cycle. And that's just an example. I got other tasks that I think I'll never complete and until I do I'll never be take that annoying little thought off my head. I was thinking maybe I get to do these things on my vacations. But that's really long away from now. Plus by then I know I got other things I REALLY gotta do. So I can't be piling shit on top of shit. That just makes, say it with me,. A Huge Pile of SHIIEEE., So that's a no-go. Maybe just maybe this weekend I can get to work on these little craptastic tasks. So then and only then I can put them to rest.
I went to KFC and ate this huge Chicken Burger,. I think that might have been a bad move. Due to that I am now expressing all this. In other news. Today on my evening break I've decided to cut down on the cigarrett habit down to a 15% hahaha. It's just I'm doing way too much. I don't now wtf is up but, But I'm having this self concious panic attack which is not helping. Despite the celebrations which rock I'll do my best to overcome this time of the year and try to make a better habit of things. Cause right now, so far, I have not enjoyed my December. Maybe watching Fight Club I get some answers to these issues,. +.-
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