P, p, PiLLs ///

As opposed to my normal chilling pills,. which are totally not good for work or operating heavy machinery,. Today I got some other pills which have caffeine integrated in the core of every rocking pill,.,. And they are totally buzzing in my head,,. They have pretty much stopped my normal routine of laying my head down on the desk and agonizing as I go over tech support steps with the caller,.,. Oh no,. right now i'm almost jumping off my seat,. Mmmm,. I think these may have something other than caffeine,. hope they're not addictive,.

Deja Vu,. ::: just had one,. can't explain the dark room velvet feeling,. wish I could,. and zophar.net always comes to mind,. haha,. damn,.,. talking crazyness right now., anyways,. i'lll post findings of this life later,.
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