Lawn Mower - The Final Cut.,

The neighbors lawn mower just had a very dramatic death,. all i heard was the gardener turn it on,. start bitching about it,. at first it just sounds like a normal lawn mower engine,. i went to get water,. so while im in the kitchen,. i hear a loud thump,. I question it for like half a second and continue my way to my backyard,. when I go outside,. I can see a very heavy mist in the air,. as I get closer I can detect a strong smell of gasoline/grease in the air,. which is not a common smell for the backyard,. I know this,. because I waste a lot of time out here,. Well anyways the guy apparently is shouting about how much that lawn mower sucks and he is getting shouted by god-knows-who,. Funny stuff,. wish I had been in the roof recording the whole scene,. hahaha,. fack,. hope this smell goes away soon,. Cuz I dont wanna go inside,.
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