senseless crap to talk about,...

all things, chaos tends to make and break their fundations. now, i guess you could say, "this guy is loosing his head" slowly but surely, something I would at all times agree with you. it cant be true that i am the only person who feels as though they are sitting in the back seat of their own head, judging, whining and complaining about the choices he's making outside in the so called real world, sometimes its better to get off your bed as soon as you wake up. as though if you stay just a bit longer you will drown, not being able to breath with your face in that pillow,.
its been a while since I have been able to have some time to vision things throughly, to me there is nothing like take a drive at night to some high point in the city, overlooking those city lights,. open up a beer, light up a cig, and all this woven into a deep mindstate listening to "underworld-second hand". yup, i guess its just me,. well, i hope that dosnt mean I need to grow up,. actually, I wonder what the hell it means, my impulses, my choices, my likes and dislikes,. sh1t,. to me doing that sounds great, and I dont mean to go and get drunk,. just enjoy a nice one while time passes by,. think about it,. its not wrong, is it? ah well,. fock it i guess,.
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